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guard is such a big part of the department of defense that they automatically have to adhere to the laws of the dod. well, they don't because they are a state entity. >> i think it's important that the legislature be involved with this, and we know how many of these cases are happening. >> reporter: lawmakers in iowa are addressing the issue in january and introduced a new bill requiring commanders to report incidents of sexual assault outside the chain of command to civilian authorities. >> the goal of the legislation is we have better reporting of sexual assaults to law enforcement, but also for the legislature to understand how many of these incidents are happening. >> reporter: the woman of the military rape country sis center say they hope to see other states take up similar legislation. >> the whole system has changed, the whole entire national guard. i would like to see, you know, california, other states following iowa's steps. >> the current sexual assault reporting system has failed many very successful women and there needs to be change. >> reporter: she has asked us to disgui
to me the defensive aspect of his game still needs to come around. there's an experience factor involved as well. we saw the warriors go out and trade for a veteran point guard last week in steve blake. >> and a former point guard back in the day. >> the shot is definitely dusty and rusty. >> he said it, not me. >> for a full hour of sports coverage, you can watch tonight at 10:30. >> we're back in a moment. >>> tonight at 11:00, some serious concerns about workers being exposed to radiation at hunters point in san francisco. we investigate allegations of contamination at the former naval shipyard. >>> the cupertino's company is first in the word. amazon is second. google is third and other top companies are ebay and sisco. the ranking is based on things like innovation. >> number fo >>> you'll see a few light showers that will pick up in intensi intensity. rain, a possibility of thunderstorms. and winds that could go as high as 50 miles per hour in the hills. we'll begin to clear out as we head through saturday afternoon and sunday. >> it willing be an active nig. we hope to see you ba
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2